Dhruva Ganapathy

Graduate Student
Email : dhruva96@mit.edu
Research areas: Precision measurements,Frequency dependent squeezing


I started my PhD at MIT in 2018, working under Matt Evans. My work is mostly related to injecting and optimizing frequency depedent squeezing to achieve maximum broadband quantum noise suppression in LIGO. I graduated with a B.Tech in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi which is also my hometown. Outside of work, I like to spend time playing the piano, composing, producing and listening to music.

Selected publications

  • D. Ganapathy, W. Jia, M. Nakano et al. “Broadband quantum enhancement of the LIGO detectors with frequency-dependent squeezing ” Phys. Rev. X. 13, 041021
  • L. McCuller, C. Whittle, D. Ganapathy, K. Komori, et al. "Frequency-Dependent Squeezing for Advanced LIGO" Phys. Rev. Lett., 124:171102/li>
  • Dhruva Ganapathy, Lee McCuller, Jameson Graef Rollins, Evan D. Hall, Lisa Barsotti, Matthew Evans “Tuning Advanced LIGO to kilohertz signals from neutron-star collisions” : Phys. Rev. D 103, 022002
  • Dhruva Ganapathy, Victoria Xu, Wenxuan Jia, Chris Whittle, Lisa Barsotti, Matthew Evans, Lee McCuller “Probing squeezing for gravitational-wave detectors with an audio- band field” : Phys. Rev. D 105, 122005
  • Chris Whittle, Kentaro Komori, Dhruva Ganapathy, Lee McCuller, et al. "Optimal detuning for quantum filter cavities" Phys. Rev. D, 102:102002
  • Kentaro Komori, Dhruva Ganapathy, Chris Whittle, Lee McCuller, et al. "Demonstration of an amplitude filter cavity at gravitational-wave frequencies" Phys. Rev. D, 102:102003