Hudson Loughlin

Graduate Student
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Research areas: Precision measurements,Compact squeezer, GRAVITES


I grew up in Virginia and attended Princeton University, where I received an A.B. degree in physics. As an undergraduate, I researched precision metrology technologies for the LISA space mission at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center, precision magnetometry using atomic comagnetometers with Princeton’s Romalis Group, and technologies for quantum computing and communications with Princeton’s Petta and Rodriguez groups and at MITRE. After undergrad, I worked in finance for a few years at DC Energy, where I developed quantitative trading algorithms for the firm to improve its performance in the financial transmission rights markets. At MIT, have been developing a compact and modular source of squeezed light, which will allow us to integrate these quantum states of light into several experiments over the next few years. I also research novel uses for squeezed light including ultra-stable oscillators and the interaction of relativistic quantum states with gravity.

Selected publications