Matthew Evans

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Research areas: Precision measurements


Professor Evans received his Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology in 2002. He continued his work on LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, in his post-doctoral years at Caltech, then moved to the European Gravitational Observatory to work on the Virgo project. In 2007 he took a position at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a research scientist working on the Advanced LIGO project, where he helped design and build Advanced LIGO. Prof. Evans moved to his current position at MIT in 2013, at which point his research group began work on new technologies to improve Advanced LIGO. In 2014 Prof. Evans was elected as chair-person of the Advanced Interferometer Configurations Working Group, where he was in charge of providing coherent design targets for future gravitational-wave detectors. Prof. Evans is currently leading a NSF funded collaborative investigation of the scientific potential of a global network of next-generation detectors, and the role that the US detector design known as Cosmic Explorer will play in that network.